Student Stories

Completing your bachelor's degree at the University of Washington can open doors to a new future. Whether your ultimate goal is a better job, graduate school or personal fulfillment, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences at the UW can help you get there.

Here are a few examples of the impact this degree can have on students' lives and careers.

Alyssa JohnstonAlyssa Johnston

“The support of the faculty and the tools I gained through the ISS program truly helped pave the way to make it all come together.”

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ericka journeeEricka Journee

“This program offered new insight. They preached the broader, global perspective ... Now when I start my new career, I'll be more culturally sensitive and aware that different communities and beliefs influence people, their decisions and how they do things.”

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vince saveryVince Savery

"The fact that I'm in this program has helped me get a new job … I think the agency was interested in hiring somebody who was a bit more educated than I would have been had I not been in the ISS program."

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