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Online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences


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Completing your four-year college degree has many benefits, both personally and professionally. Earning the UW Online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences can open the door to higher-level job opportunities and long-term career growth.

Earn a Valuable UW Degree

The outstanding reputation of the University of Washington speaks for itself — to the world and to potential employers. Your ISS degree is no different from one earned on campus, both in name and in quality.

You’ll also get full access to UW alumni career services, including the Career & Internship Center, personal employment counseling, job listings and more. And you’ll join the vast alumni network of Huskies around the world.

Boost Your Job Prospects

A four-year college degree is increasingly necessary in today’s competitive job market. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that college graduates are more than twice as likely to be employed as high school grads. And studies consistently demonstrate that the lifetime earnings of those with a four-year degree are exponentially higher than those without one.

Studying the social sciences is great preparation for a wide variety of careers. The powerful research, communication and critical thinking skills that graduates develop are valuable in the workplace and can be applied in any profession.

Gain Tech Skills and Fluency

No matter what field you're targeting, you’re going to need to be adept at learning and using technology. Because the ISS degree is fully online and uses cutting-edge learning tools, students continually hone their technical knowledge and skills.

The program also requires you to create a degree portfolio, which serves as a comprehensive representation of what you’ve learned. This project develops your technical and analytical abilities, and is a tangible representation of your academic accomplishments when applying for work or graduate study.

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