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Online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences

Academic Experience

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Earning your college degree broadens and deepens your worldview. With the UW Online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences program, you’ll study ideas and issues that are both timeless and highly relevant to today’s globalized economy and culture.

Through your academic studies you’ll learn to think critically, make connections across different disciplines, use the latest technologies, and communicate your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. You’ll improve your strategic thinking skills and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively. 

You can get a glimpse into the ISS student experience by visiting ISS Student Information, a website dedicated to students currently enrolled in the program.


The ISS program features a curriculum that weaves together the broad sweep of the social sciences. You’ll choose from dynamic courses in areas such as anthropology, communication, economics, ethnic studies, geography, history, international relations, philosophy, political science, sociology and women's studies. Discover a new passion, or explore a long-time subject of interest more deeply. Learn more about ISS courses.


You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on and demonstrate how these different areas of focus relate to each other by producing a special portfolio of your work. This comprehensive, integrated project makes for a powerful learning experience. And it gives you something to show prospective employers or graduate schools as tangible evidence of your undergraduate work. 

Program Format

The Integrated Social Sciences program is offered completely online. Most full-time students will complete the program in one to two years; part-time students typically finish in three to four years.timeline graphic

Degree Requirements

The total number of UW credits required to complete your degree depends on how many credits you enter the program with. You must enter with at least 75 academic credits. Learn more about admission requirements.

Like all UW bachelor’s degrees, the ISS program requires a total of 180 credits to earn your degree. These credits can be broken down into three areas:

  • Core ISS courses (60 credits)
  • General education courses (65–95 credits)
  • Elective courses (credits vary)